BuildShield FireStop Protection creates a continuous barrier from concrete core to concrete or wood floor system, preventing flame spread behind walls in your home or building.

BuildShield FireStop Protection

BuildShield FireStop combines a patent-pending combination of a vinyl extrusion track and an adhesive stainless steel barrier at the top of a wall or floor transition to prevent hot gasses or sparks from spreading fire into an attic or space between floors.

BuildShield FireStop Protection is a barrier preventing flame spread behind walls in your home or building.

Firestop protection is an important component of any structures, especially if located in a wildfire-prone area. During a wildfire, wind-borne embers that fly in front of the fire and land on combustible materials in and around the house. These embers are commonly sucked up into vulnerable openings and start flames in hidden areas.

BuildShield FireStop Protection combines a PVC extrusion track and stainless steel barrier. Placed at the top of a wall or floor transition, this barrier prevents hot gases and sparks from spreading behind wall finishes via a chimney effect into an attic or between floors. BuildShield maintains the integrity of fire-rated floor systems.

The fire protection comes from the stainless steel material which has a melting point of 1535°C. The PVC track ensures a form fit to the ICF block outward to the finish which greatly reduces the chances of penetration by hot gasses or fire. Each of these materials on their own are impervious to termites, when combined the BuildShield system they create an attractive, quick to install, and cost-effective barrier adding additional protection to ICFs in termite and fire prone areas.

BuildShield FireStop Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install PVC extrusion track combines with a stainless steel fire barrier.
  • BuildShield Firestop creates a continuous barrier from the concrete core to the concrete or wood floor system.
  • Compatible with many floor system designs.
  • PVC extrusion track fits snugly over any 2.5” thick EPS foam panel.
  • PVC extrusion track keeps stainless steel barrier in place during all phases of construction.
  • 100,000 PSI stainless steel tensile strength with a melting point of 2500°F.
  • BuildShield is installed at the top of walls or between floors.
  • Complies with fire code requirements to prevent flame spread around floor systems.
  • BuildShield is a durable 2-component system that ships in 4’ sections for cost-effective shipping and storage.