ThermalSert is added to each course of block to the inside of the outside wall. This foam insert adds an additional 4.2 R’s per inch of foam used, creating even greater insulation.

BuildBlock ThermalSert Insulation Insert

For even more insulation and energy-efficiency, add ThermalSert into your build!

ThermalSert 2-inch Insulation Insert for BuildBlock ICF BlocksThermalSert LogoBuildBlock ThermalSert are insulation inserts for BuildBlock and BuildLock Knockdown ICF forms. ThermalSert inserts are placed inside the BuildBlock or BuildLock Knockdown ICF forms between each course against the inner edge of the block outside wall side. Each 1-inch of foam insert adds 4.2 R-Value increasing the overall R-value of the wall. The insert is placed toward the outside of the block to insulate against the greatest difference in temperature.

ThermalSert KD Logo

ThermalSert is available in two styles one for BuildBlock ICF forms and another style for BuildLock Knockdown ICF forms. The BuildLock Knockdown web is slightly larger and the TermalSert KD is designed to accommodate the larger web size.

These inserts may be used with any core size form, though reducing the concrete core width too much may create a wall outside the prescriptive code and BuildBlock product engineering. Project-specific engineering may be required if you exceed these design specifications.

When specifying your ICF block size, keep in mind that adding the additional insulation will decrease the concrete core size by the same amount of your insulation insert. You can increase the block core size to compensate. For example, if your project requires an 8-inch finished wall, and you are using a 2-inch ThermalSert insert you would need to utilize a 10-inch BuildLock Knockdown ICF to maintain an 8-inch concrete core.

Using the insert inside the wall is much easier than adding additional insulation on the outside of the wall and maintains full access to the attachment points and block markings.
ThermalSert and ThermalSert KD are available at multiple locations across North America.